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Writer's Block: Swine Times

Are you worried about catching the swine flu? Do you have a plan for avoiding contagion or dealing with quarantine?

I think all this media BS is freaking people out more than need be. There are over thousands of people who die from the ''normal'' flue you and i are use to. 260 deaths is what we are up to with this swine flue. Know, I understand the necessary precautions and keeping the public informed, but good lord. Really? (ha)

Do us all a solid...Wash your damn hands, disinfect things such as work phones, door knobs, keyboards, drink water, take Vit. C and B12 [it's not that hard]..yadda yadda... don't be retarded and get yourself sick.

As for quarantine!! WTF? If i get sick, ill do what I need to do to get better. If I need to go to the Dr. then fuck it. That's what I pay for medical insurance for right?

Writer's Block: Clothing Options

When it comes to clothes, would you rather be comfortable or fashionable?

both! lol I dislike it when you are wearing something that looks good, but feels so uncomfortable. It's like those sock situations. The ones that you have to constantly pull up and itch. (haha) Dislike those days very much. ^_^"

Days like these

~As experienced many times before, today just isn’t my day. Ha!~ ~The story of my life~

When I woke up I felt funny. I had this feeling about something, such as many other mornings. I understand that these days happen almost all the time, but today feels different. I get ready, try to leave for work.. Boom! Drama. Why is it that this happens to me so often? I’m not complaining, simply curious.
~Today had made me realize that I hate cars. More than anything right now. Ever since I had my first car (98 Saturn) I have had issues. That car blew up in Arkansas when Noah was taking his brother to the hospital. Ha-ha funny story. After that Noah and I made one of the worst decisions in our lives. The make major payments on a car that would break down within the first 5 months of ownership. That ended in a rather large tragedy later in this life. Let me tell you. I still have to pay for the horrid thing and it has been reposed. (rips hair out) after that there was the dodge. This car actually was a major blessing under a bunch of dirt. It lasted for about a year. Only paid 300+400 for it. How it broke down for good is funnier than watching Paris Hilton get decapitated in horror movies. It was my 20th birthday. Noah and I had to drive down to Lakewood to visit my mom, step-dad, and my sister Valarie. Noah warned me that the dodge was being weird and he feared that it might not make it that far…well… it made it there, started to over heat in the Lakewood mall parking lot. We thought that if we just shopped for a couple hours it would be cool enough to drive to the dinner after. Well… things seemed okay when we started onto the freeway. Shortly after we get on the freeway, the car starts to tremble.. It dies.. No signs. No sounds… just ides. Blown head gasket.. We roll off the freeway and call mom. Taking it to my sister’s house and sold it to a company for some cash.. Mom also gave some money to the new car fund. Happy fucking birthday huh? This bring us to the chevey that we still drive around today. J
The chevey has been kick ass… thankfully…which makes me extremely happy and thankful.
Then the Honda.. Fucking Honda.. I love this car with every inch of me.. But man does it have some issues. First the alternator. Eh! Got one made and replaced. Car over heats.. Still don’t know why. It died about a month ago. Thought we Fixed that little issue. Car shuts off while driving it to see family on freeway. Thought we Fixed that little issue. Then one morning I’m driving to work.. It just shuts off while I am in the middle of an intersection. Awwww !!! Scary shit right there. Then this morning.. Eh! On my way.. Everything is alright.. Nothing I can’t deal with when I get home and ~bam~ here we go again. Dies.. What the fuck? Am I missing something? Ha.
This just adds to the frustrations that I have been harboring for the past few months. So many things that have been on my mind. So many things that I have wanted to say to many different people. Many things that I want to express to Noah. Why nit talk to him? Because he is too stoned when I want to talk. It’s like talking to a fucking wall at times. Crying get’s his attention after a while. Then he wants to talk. Fuck that.
I hate feeling like this. I dl my best to act pleasant and content. At times there is no hiding it. Such as today. It took only one more push (car) to make it all happen. I started to cry. I haven’t cried like that in a long time. And to be completely honest. It felt great to let it all out. Call me what you will.. A cry baby.. Pussy.. Wimp.. What ever. But you attempt to deal with that I see on an every day basis and tell me that you won’t feel a little discouraged and upset at some point.
These days that I have seem to lead to bigger pictures. These days that seem to happen ever so often.


What's in front of you?

Tell me what you see !!

Characteristics define us all

>>>>>> Tomorrow I will be adding more ink to my skin. I already have 11 tattoo's, which obviously isn't enough. I am nervous due to the amount of pain that will be involved, but at the same time it's such a stress reliever for me. Some people can't stand the Zzz of the needle. Well you have just come into contact with someone that welcomes the sound. Sounds that can only mean that I am just that much closer to adding more creativity to who I am. Hibiscus flowers.. What do they mean.. They mean beauty..A characteristic trait that I think I carry. Not saying I'm perfect >> Of course there are times that I am damaging to others..Of course I get very upset at certain situations. Most times individuals bring it upon themselves. I'm the one that will tell you what I am thinking to your face. In hopes that light can be shed on the situation and communication is not a chore. There will always be a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde side to every individual in this world. Ha! -That is a good way of looking at it.-
>>>>>>> Pictures will be available. I want to share this with you all.. I hope you get as much enjoyment as I do. Details on the piece and the placement will available after tomorrow.. Thanx all for listening..

Cheese and hair cuts

Have you ever had a customer get so close to you, that the stench of his breath almost killed you? It was like death himself was paying rent.. Eh! It was the sickest moment thus far in my life. i could actually taste the DISEASED air that loured out of this mans mouth..
But other than that my day was fan freakin tastic.


A little something about me

Show me those pearly whites Show me those pealy whites

Meghan and I showin off our outstanding SMILES

This band is bad ass.. I love them so very much...


Ponderz the out come of it all

I am the kind of person that loves to take care of people. I will help someone as long as I can help myself. There are times where I would rather watch myself starve than the skinniest man alive on the Sunset strip...
Then there are the times that I regret ever caring. Helping out that one person that stabs you in the rib cage. Then turns the knife so the wound wont close. Kicking you while you are down, increasing the pain to the max... I highly dislike people such as this.
I know I have great intensions, such as my boy toy Noah.. But does the thought 'I should be careful.. He might not pay me back in time for rent.' ever cross your mind? The phrase ‘I will help others if I can help myself' comes into play here. If a bill is past due and you cant pay it on your own. Why would you dish the cash if it will harm the rest of the time without a pay check!!??
It's understandable that you want to be the bigger person and help your brother out.. I love my sister to death...But I just don’t see the thought process in all of this. Maybe I am staring from the real issue at hand. Helping others.. how many people do you know would give you money to eat if you were down to the 3rd day without..?? Do you know any? Meghan is the one that helped me get to where I am now. She’s someone that gives a damn..But she to has felt the wounds of a stab to the rib cage. He long time amigo used her and abused her.. Flushing a long time friendship down a shit filled toilet. **flush sounds**
I am not in a situation where friends are involved.. Just a room mate and a brother that cares WAY to much. A talk is going to happen tonight. I haven’t yet decided what I am going to say. I spilled my feeling onto Noah.. In hopes that it would help him further decide the out come. We are faced with eviction and loss of respect if we are not paid back. So much money can only be gone for so long. Then it just becomes retarded.. Like a Leg of Corn-That’s for you Meghan!
In the sum of all things.. People are whack...Some cant be trusted with certain things. Money is one of then... So many things can happen over money.. It's just so wrong.. HA! it really is.. Lesson learned..


.......I'm not sure what I want to write about. I had an up and down week. Sunday I went to the Dr. only to have them take blood, have me waiting for three hours, and results are a Sinus infection w/ an extremely high white blood cell count. EH! I still feel like shit. I went home early from work on Monday. I had a Dr.'s note though.. I was contagious... SO I went home and incubated myself. GOD! The things we go though, the illnesses we contract, the things that attack us day to day, and the things we take to feel better. HA! It makes me giggle to myself.
I do feel better though. I have been doing my best to sleep as much as I can, drink tons of water and orange juice, and eat some food that isn’t fast food..... Granted I have Panda Express last night, but I was feeling a little better and I wanted it.. Tee Hee

I’m bad.. Anyways.... There.. I had something to talk about.... I'll think of something else here in a min...watch......